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Award-Winning Potter and Stain-Glass Artist
Inspired Vessels and Whimsical Creatures

Linda Buschman retired three years ago from teaching art in public schools to focus on and expand her impressive body of work. Enthused by Carol Commins at the ceramics program at Yavapai College, last year Linda joined the Van Price Fine Arts Studio to broaden her perspective and technique. A member of the Prescott Mountain Artist Guild’s “Mad Mudders,” Linda stresses of the importance of these relationships to her continuing development as an artist. Ms. Buschman’s work is currently on exhibit at professional offices throughout Phoenix and at the T-Bird Café in Peeples Valley.

Arizona Artist
Extraordinary Woodworks and New Paintings

This isn’t the first time Woodrow Chance has been a big deal. Forty-odd years ago, he was the youngest building contractor in Prescott. He has worked as a locksmith and as a highly sought after motorcycle mechanic and customizer. Retirement in Yarnell has been anything but retiring for Chance, and most days find him working in his shop/studio, amid piles of sawdust and lathes. Recently, someone brilliant gave Chance a box full of artists’ paints and a roll of canvas. A whole new line of delightful paintings are in the works! Stop by the T-Bird to see everything from magical motors to amazing animals and working locks… all carved and joined from found wood.

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T-Bird Internet Café
Route 89, Peeples Valley, Arizona